Skull May Prove Solutrean Hypothesis

Peñon Woman

Peñon Woman

The discovery of a perfectly-preserved skull near Mexico City may in fact prove the highly-controversial Solutrean Hypothesis, which claims that White, Western Europeans were the first humans on the North American continent.

British scientists from Liverpool’s John Moores University and Oxford’s Research Laboratory of Archaeology have identified the skull as part of a skeleton from a 26-year woman dating back 13,000 years, which is 2,000 years older than the oldest human remains found in North America.

The skull of Peñon woman is long, narrow and identified as Caucasian, typical of modern-day white people. So-called “Native Americans” are short, broad and identified as Mongoloid, typical of the Asians who traveled onto the North American continent across the Bering Straits.

Scientists believe two scenarios possibly explain Peñon woman. The first is that a group of “Caucasian-like” people with narrow skulls were the first to travel across the Bering Straits.

The second is the Solutrean Hypothesis, which concludes that White Caucasians from an area in Western Europe (“Solutrea”) traveled across an ice sheet in the North Atlantic. Additional proofs supporting the Solutrean Hypothesis include the discovery of Kennewick Man, and the Clovis Point, a prehistoric stone tool technology, found in Solutrea and North America at the same geological time.

Research team leader Dr. Silvia Gonzalez believes that Peñon woman does in fact prove the Solutrean Hypothesis. “At the moment it points to that as being likely. They were definitely not Mongoloid in appearance. They were from somewhere else. As to whether they were European, at this point in time we cannot say ‘no’,” Dr Gonzalez said.


  • You can thank TRP for carrying this article! We’ve been telling you this for years and have done so unapologetically. It is not America, but Nothern Great Solutrea. Southern Great Solutrea is the correct name for South America. Our people were here FIRST, and were murdered in a horrific act of genocide by the invading Beringians. We were here first, and those who don’t like it, well, get over it!

  • Ohhh, la raza is not going to be happy about this…

  • That changes the game plan a bit for those shouting "We were here first", doesn't it?

    I don't want to say TRP told you so, but TRP told you so!!!!

    • Normandie S. Kent

      I guess this changes nothing, they were here first! The only thing that changes is the fallacy of the Native Americans being Mongoloid, but Caucasoid-like Amerindians, who received Asian admixture from the Artic and Na Dene migrations into the Americas. They were the first of the two though, there is no need for a migration by sea, it’s not even possible for hunter gatherer Europeans to cross the Atlantic by Canoe. There is zero evidence for Solutreans in America, just Native Americans., nothing will ever change that fact not even wishful thinking.

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  • If anyone is interested, there is a book called “Our Lost National Identity” by Mr. John A. Pinkston that shows that the so-called “native Americans” did not occupy North America first. The Book clearly shows that they were Caucasians, who came to North America about 1000 BC and presents archaeological information to support their presence on this continent.

    The book can be purchased on Amazon. Com. or other bookstores.

  • Sean Maurice Hunt

    Leave the racial politics out of this grand scientific discovery. It should be no surprise that many different ethnic varieties of humans were here for many thousands of years. Look at how different North American Indians look from Peruvian Indians. Obviously there were Caucasian’s sprinkled into the mix. There were many different tribes in northern asia some were caucasion…you can still find some blond mongolians. The truth is blood is always a mixture.

  • @ Sean:

    NO! You tell the so-called “Native Americans” to leave the racial politics alone! The basis of all their bullshit is because “they were here first” which is a TOTAL LIE.

    They were NOT here first! WE WERE! We White Europeans DID NOT “steal” the land from the Beringians (the more appropriate name for the so-called “Native Americans” since they came from The Bering Straits and are not “native” to America) we were merely RECLAIMING it!

    The Beringians committed GENOCIDE on the White Europeans who were truly native to America!


  • Solutrean And Proud

    Sean Maurice Hunt wrote:

    “Obviously there were Caucasian’s sprinkled into the mix. There were many different tribes in northern asia some were caucasion…you can still find some blond mongolians.”

    OMFG you are SOOOOOOO STOOPID! The “blond mongolians” are the result of miscegenation between the European whites and Asians who came into Asia from the West! If you even bothered to look at the other articles on this website you would see some proof of this:

    Additionally, White Europeans did in fact travel all the way down into South America. This is evidence by The Cloud People of Peru: who even the Conquistadors had contact with, and allied with to destroy the Incan Empire.

    Oh, and BTW, the Incans were cannibals who would hunt down and eat the Cloud People!

  • You know these facts are going to be covered up. I got a call from a “native” american organization recently that wanted a donation. I asked him if he was a Solutrean. He said he was a Mohawk. I told him to have the Solutreans call me back and I would donate.

  • There has been a documentary on (I think) History Channel, showing Europeans (present day French coast) at the end of the ice age crossing the frozen North Atlantic in small groups without ever returning. As they were fishermen, some of them might have survived with a stash in their boat which they used as a tent during the night.
    It’s a really interesting theory worth investigating! :)

  • The name of that Discovery Channel video showing Europeans crossing the frozen North Atlantic is “Ice Age Columbus”. Haven’t seen it yet, but reviews have been very positive.

    I read that Discover removed it from their store but has now put it back. Also listed on Netflix.

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  • Our great White Solutrean Ancestors came here, not 1,000 years ago, but more like 30,000 years ago! Meadcroft Rock Shelter in Pa. proves this overwhelmingly! The reason that the incredibly savage Meso-Amerikan Maya pressed and elongated the skull of the royalty was because of the race memory of the Great White Gods who we now know to be our Great White Solutrean Ancestors! Think of it. How many tens of thousands of years were our people here? It took thousands for them to traverse the continent and come to the Columbian river in Kennewick Washington State. There were no horses to carry them. They walked! Our ancestor, the Kennewick Man was brutally slaughtered by the Beringians and his people also! They found a spear point in his hip. Please tune into The Right Perspective on the week of April 20 for World Solutrean Day! Please, tell your children that Our Great White Solutrean Ancestors settled this land and were destroyed! Ours were a peaceful people, who welcomed the Beringians in peace, and were paid back in DEATH! They left little trace, because they honoured nature and lived lightly on the land. Their great cities were organic entities that blended with nature, not against it! They had no word for WAR, but were a kind, peaceful, gentle, loving people. Our elders teach us this, and you must teach others! One People, One Culture, One Race!

  • Remember, the Berigians teach of “Great White Gods” who taught the arts of civilization to them. These are the history of Solutrean Ancestors told in myth. The proof is here as it always was, but is being suppressed. Mexico will find more Solutrean proof, and the proof won’t be buried as it is happening here! They aren’t P.C. idiots who are afraid to “offend” the Beringians. Civilizations build upon the older ones. Thus, as ever, it is proved. So therefore, I predict that deep with the Mexico valley where Mexico City is, they will one day find the remains of a vast Solutrean City! Our ancestors have slept for tens of thousands of years, but their voices won’t be stilled!

  • The “Myth of Atlantis” and the story of “The Garden of Eden” are right beneath your feet! Those who returned to Europe, told of the wonderous land beyond the Pillars of Hercules, our Solutrea! It was a paradise, “The Garden of Eden”. No war, no famine, no hatred, a land of incredible peace and plenty of all! Hail Solutera! It is the REAL Atlantis!

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  • Sean Maurice Hunt

    Here is a good article about the subject.

  • to the proud ones….firstly Pride is one of the seven deadly sins…so good luck with that…My point was a general one that Caucasian blood/genes in differing amounts were in the mix among the nomadic peoples. They have proved this with genetic testing. Its funny the whole argument is actually irrelevant due to the fact that through genetic testing they know that all human life migrated originally from Africa. So yes this is an interesting discovery with scientific value but to those of you trying to use this for some racial pride i would say you need to see a head doctor. Its funny you are probably the same guys telling black people to get over slavery and racism in the recent past and you are still angry about something that happened thousands of years ago.

  • Wait until the dna evidence is in before you start yelling. We still don’t know. Indeed.. she could have come across the Bering, or come across the ice sheets connecting Europe and the Americas. We don’t know yet. I’m excited however and looking forward to the results of dna analysis. I hope they find some tissue in good enough condition.

  • Has anyone else noticed the strong resemblance between the profiles of Kennewick Man (reconstructed) and of the actor Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek)?
    The name Stewart suggests that his ancestry was at least partly from the Atlantic/Western coast of Europe, as was that of Solutreans>

  • Oh Brother, this claim has been debunked so many times it's not even funny anymore.

    It would take too long to write all the evidence that contradicts these claims. You can go to my videos.

  • The last poster salsassin censors people who contradict his dogma on his youtube videos

  • This is merely yet more HARD proof, hard as a skull, that we Whites are the Native Americans.

    I recommend my blogpost here:… and my major post here:

    The Eternal Solutreans is a movement I am about to launch that means peoplehood, tribal peoplehood, where a mass of white individuals literally become a modern tribe like the Jews or Amish — and let the doomed, morally inferior Whites vanish.

    It means all the trappings: folkways and customs, breeding large families, and a Zionist-like vision of having our own homeland back again some day.

    Most of all, it means a minimalist religion that appeals to intelligent Aryans, one based on the three massive phenomena that cause a vague but real sense of God and of an afterlife…..

    ….because some of us are going to have to die, brother, so our folk survives. It's best not to fear death, but to fear cowardice and its awful consequences for the "karma" of the individual and the folk. I really do believe 100% that we are spiritual beings on a human journey.

    My forthcoming book Solutrea, Arise! will, I hope, be a big part of changing history.

    In the meantime, here is just a very rough and early version of the Solutrean anthem, in a ballad form:

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  • Liege Lord of NIMbusters, Arty

    The base idea is sound, the misappropriation of the terms to promote a Nazi-like racialist agenda is where Frank loses all credibility.

    You know you find this same shit parroted over on Stormfront.

    As far as Native American superiority this to is mainstream & very well documented
    Europeans primary advancement was in the art of murder.

    Only reason I called TRP in the 1st place was this inane Solutrean nonsence tho Frank & I do agree on most of the general “facts”

    Second time I called in Frank tried to change the subject & left hook me with his stupid Israel shit which was I am certain the work of Goodman. I don’t have time to listen to that silly babble so if Frank cant stay on topic I wont waste my time with him

    He hung up on me, this isn’t 3 strikes & you are out all it took was once & I don’t listen to either podcast

    But babble on cocksucker

    Babble on!!!

  • Laughable. Whites didn’t exist 35,000 years ago. Back then everyone was “Australoid” looking before they differentiated… or are you backtracking now, and instead of claiming you evolved into light skinned and blonde peoples through the cold, that you are related to Australoid people with wide nostrils?

    The “facial profile” of so-called “Mongoloids” and “Caucasoids” is not as clear cut as you think. Pretty much everyone descended from Haplogroup P (O, N, Q, R) have slim skulls.

    Solutrean hypothesis is a joke; and “Europeans” in 15,000 BC, especially “Arctic” or “Northern” Europeans were URALIC, not Indo-European speakers.

  • Descended from haplogroup M, rather

  • There really is no viable alternative to the Solutrean hypothesis since access to the American heartland from Asia would have been virtually impossible before the Bolling interstadial of ca. 14,000 BP. The Solutreans utilized a North Atlantic archipelago which existed during the last Glacial epoch. (See Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ.NY 2009.

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  • The Solutrean idea is interesting and may be part of Americas past but is not absolutely proven. Like one of the posters said Asia has a mixture of racial types, Caucasians emigrated to Europe from central Asia,so some of the early imigrants from the Asian direction could very well had Caucasian blood.I myself am Caucasian and feel embarrassed by the childish adittude some of you exibit. You seem to know what exactly happened and what the culture was like, claiming they were a peace loving people massacured by the Asians, you know all this some how and it happened tens of thousands of years ago.

  • The Solutreans lived in a small isolated area on the European coast, while in North America the culture was widespread. Population don’t move from an area of low concentration to areas of high concentration. The Solutrean originated in North America then traveled to Europe, not the other way around. They may have been displaced by Asians crossing the Bering Strait.

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  • The solutrean hypothesis has NOTHING to do with modern racist and nationalist political clap trap. there are no living solutreans, there arent even any living what could be called decendents of solutreans except in the most symbolic sense. the small bands of solutreans who made it to N America chasing food, would have been quickly abssorbed into other local poulattions of humans. i think SOME form the solutrean hypothesis is inescapable, but it has nothing to do with brain dead modern political cults.

  • The natives from North America to South America never said they were the first. Especially the Incas and tribes here in North America. the incas had even told pizarro that they did not build those magnificent structures that they lived in. in fact the incas had just moved in when they got here !! im new to this site, and I hope this is not a racist site cuz from these comments and even the article itself it is implying just that with the- so called “native americans”. thats absolutely absurd and for an article that is discussing archeology leave the racist opinions out.

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