Anti-Racist Activist Mugged By Black Man

JoAnne Silver Jones

JoAnne Silver Jones

A white professor and anti-racist activist has been savagely beaten by an African-American man on the streets of Washington, DC just days before the inauguration of Barack Obama.

62-year old JoAnne Silver Jones was mugged on Jan. 16 while on her way to see her adopted daughter. Jones was beat on her head, arms and hands with a brick by her African-American male assailant during the attack, according to long-time friend Patricia Romney. “He beat her face so badly that she was unable to open her eyes, and one eye socket was torn by the blows,” she said.

Jones is an associate professor in the School of Human Services at Springfield College and director of the social work program. She has co-authored a paper titled, “Feminist Strategies for Teaching About Oppression” and was involved with “cross-cultural issues” including a 1999 incident at Amherst Regional High School where Puerto Rican students protested the school’s production of “West Side Story”.

Jones is still recovering at George Washington University Hospital after undergoing surgery on her skull and eye, but may be released this weekend, Romney said. “She can walk a little but is nauseous and headachy,” she said. “She’s a tough cookie, but this is totally traumatizing. It’s going to be a long way back.” Jones will need additional surgery on both hands, which are still bandaged from her elbows to her fingertips.

Romney said she is struck by what she termed the “paradox of it all” – a white anti-racism activist, the first African-American president and a mugger identified as African-American. To test Jones’ brain, doctors asked her the name of the new president, and she answered correctly. “This won’t shake any of her political activism,” Romney said of Jones. “She’s clear about what the issues are. This won’t sway her desire to keep fighting for social justice.”

Jones’ spouse Deborah King will be nursing her back to health. Jones’ assailant remains at large.


  • Real Americans don’t hate, or wish harm on someone, black, woman or whoever.

    All the pathetic 1st grade comments of hate and n-words, go back to school, get an edu-ma-cation, go get some false teeth, stop watching NASCAR and porn, put away the beer, and then EARN the right to be called an American. Until then, you are not one.

    If this is what is means to be a right-winger, thank GOD I am not.

  • Hope this Jewbitch dies.

    On second thought, hope she lives but is horribly traumatized by this. That would rock.

  • I live in Scotland, where there are hardly any black people at all. And yet, violence like this is a perfectly common, indeed obligatory part of everyday life here. When we Scots go into a grocer’s shop to buy some goods, you are expected to headbutt the shop owner as payment for your items.
    A typical friday night out with one’s friends is not considered a success unless you achieve a visit to the Accident & Emergency department for some stitches to the head.

    Here in Scotland we are proud that we can uphold such an impressively high level of street violence in spite of the fact that 1: We have no guns, & 2: We have no black people.

  • Wow you fucking scum bags. I hope someone does to your mother or sister what you think should of happened to her. I honest to god hope all of you fucking burn in hell you sick fucks.

  • Oh cry me a RIVER!!!! You whiny little fags are great for laughs!

  • It couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more deserving person.

    As the Blacks say, ‘Stupid Biatch’.

  • I’m so glad that you hate-spewing ignorant pieces of crap have a web site where you can post your screed. Hope that you’re all smokers so maybe you’ll all die soon.

  • I’m not too happy she survived. Hopefully another nigger mugger will finish the job. These multicultural shitheads deserve the suffering they are so willing to put innocent whites through. I can’t hate a nigger for being a nigger, that’s just what it is. I hate the people who tell us they are just like us and put you in jail for speaking the truth.

  • @ Irena:

    Don’t you just love the LLL (Leftist Loser Liberals for those not up to speed)?

    Certain comments posted on this article clearly upset the delusional liberals. So what? Did we ask you to come and stick your noses where they don’t belong? Did anybody ask you to show your true nature with your vile language which is only appropriate in the gutter? Do you think we really care how you boast in your delusional little liberal circles to your “educated” loser friends how you are stuffing up the planet with your politically correct, human-rights-for-criminals-instead-of-victims, we’ll-swear-at-conservative-views-but-keep-our-vile-traps-shut-about-dictators-we-helped-put-in-office-like-in-Zimbabwe, we-marched-against-Apartheid-but-stuff-the-600,000-people-murdered-since-that-messiah-Mandela-created-his-democracy, we-like-Marxist-socialist-ideologies-and-who-the-hell-cares-about-the-200 million-people-dead-because-of-it bullshit?

    Do you think we asked some loser liberal to take his middle finger out his nose long enough to link this article to sites where it can have maximum exposure? You see, unlike liberals, we don’t need the world to tap us on the shoulder to make us feel like we achieved something. We don’t need Olli-bama and his forty thieves to dish out Kool-Aid so we can get on a high and shout “Yes we can, yes we can… stuff up the world with our ideologies”.

    I can’t help it that liberals are so delusional and filled with hatred that when they see my words, they turn into raging little Chihuahuas foaming at the mouth, pissing little puddles, gnarling and yapping, trying their best to make their antics look anything superior to farting in the wind. (Liberals should learn once and for all that when you want to play with the big dogs, you should be able to piss like one too.)

    However, sitting back and observing these pissing little pests can only be amusing for a finite period, so you need to give them a whiff of the Kool-Aid again, so they can go into another rage. See, the problem with little pests is that you have to control the dosage, otherwise you have little pests turning into little Ozzies – you will hear shed loads of swearing, but nothing even worth responding to. And that’s not fun at all.

    So I thought I’d throw a rat amongst the rabid Chihuahuas. Something which almost looked like it could be part of them. Something which almost sounded like it could be part of them and also pisses little puddles like them. But something which still confused them.

    I merely said there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    It was like injecting Koolaid straight into the brains of the little pests. And giving each an intravenous drip for good measure. They were off again, foaming at the mouth, pissing little puddles, gnarling and yapping. In this extraordinary frenzy they must have come close to popping the odd artery on the brain. Now it could be that the sudden rush of blood to the brain displaced the Kool-Aid, or the effect just wore off, but it obviously took them a while to realize that they looked, sounded and smelt the same as they did before the rat. Or even that they could also be rats. It just depends how particular you get.

    You see Irena, that is the beauty of liberals. In their little frenzies they don’t realize they are the rats.

    They are the ones responsible for the publicity in the first place. They took this article across the globe. I merely sat back and observed, took what they gave me in the first place, sprinkled some Kool-Aid on it and chucked it back at the little pests.

  • I am glad her “wife” is nursing her back to health. That is two less lesbians loose on the street.

  • He was just giving her an “Anti-Racist Initiation”, to welcome her to the repenting white anti-racist club.

  • What’s the definition of a conservative?

    A liberal that got mugged.

    Someday you will learn.

  • These anti-racist morons have been so brainwashed by the Zionists, they could get a thousand beatings by the negroids and still not know what the hell is going on.

  • This reminds me of a story from 2000. In New Orleans, there was a riot over some issue or another(a claim of police brutality or whatever). Blacks went nuts, as is their habit, and started tearing up the neighborhood. Some young, “progressive” Whites saw this, and thought to themselves, “Excellent! Now we can fight the power with our dark skinned brothers!” and went down to join in the rioting. Class war not race war, right? Ummm, WRONG! The darkies looked around, saw some White college kids trying to join in, and……Can you guess what happened next?

    Long story short, the White “activists” were hospitalized. Like the lesbo in this story, I’m sure their heavily indoctrinated minds weren’t changed by the brief encounter with reality.

  • You people are quite clearly retards.

    And what’s with all the homophobia from the liberals? It’s not cool to call someone a nigger but it’s ok to call someone a fag? wtf?

  • Err… she’s an anti-racist activist, promoting equality and the ability to exist without fear or persecution due to differing ethnicity. How does this equate to her deserving a beating from a black man?

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  • Y’know, at first I was just dumbstruck by the shallowness and stupidity underlying many of the racist comments on this page. Then I remembered that the country most of you live in just elected a black president, and if you said any of this in a non-anonymous forum you’d be in so much shit that it would be difficult at first to distinguish you from the black people you hate for reason of statistical over-generalizations. Now THAT’s the modern theory of social evolution for you.

  • I’m glad that you fucks can look forward to sucking Satan’s cock for eternity. Oh yeah, he’s black (like Jesus – OMG!). Enjoy choking on the shit you spew.

    Sick fucks.

  • Well, all I can say is that you guys are just the absolute best advertisement for your cause that anyone could ever possibly want to see! You’ve certainly made it clear just what kind of Americans you are! And I think the rest of the world can see it too!

  • You know, you bozos all make Hitler and his ultra left-wing radical racist agenda look like a saintly right winger. Do you people not see yourselves for what you are? The woman who was attacked comes out smelling like Ronald Reagan compared to you people and your intolerant, liberal, hate filled spew. And yes, you are all definitely liberals in the extreme for only libs have ever demonstrated such vile hatred for other people. Good job!

  • LOL, no racist morons on this website hehe!

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  • So you guys think you're "the good guys" with comments like these? I hope you don't consider yourselves Christians. Jesus would never stop puking.

  • Wow I come back after a day off and got a little backup eh?

    I stubled on this website two weeks ago and decided that stuff needed to be posted.

    But the one thing I would like to say is that jumping on the old standby names is not a good way to make change. I started out here thinking about how horrid what was said is, but when I came back I decided why not try to actually make a change.

    So that is why I started responding back. When we can all not just call eachother out with names and hate, and actually try to get people to understand the other side people can start to understand.

    Look at Johann, He seems to have witnesses or at least heard about some truly horrific things that have happened in Africa where I assume he lives. So his racism seems to come from a real place.

    The thing that he may not understand is that the Black population of our nation went though that and much worse for centuries and only until really mid 1970’s did it really become a thing of the past with a few remnants here and there.

    Anyway good luck but the way to change someones mind is not by hurling insults, even when deserved.

  • May you, and those near you, know only love, peace, safety, and happiness. May this world share its goodness with you. Relinquish fear, but never forfeit hope. Don't let faith die.

  • I wish only misery and pain on all of you for your incredible lack of compassion, stupidity, and unfounded hate. If you call yourself a Christian, God hates your attitude, ideology, hate mongering, and is nothing but embarrassed over your comments.

  • comitatoantifrocie

    mmm looking at the the pic…. but it's a woman?

  • America.
    Land of the free.
    Read your constitution before spreading race hate.
    Or emigrate to a country that does abide such vile nonsense.
    How far America has come from the ideals of the founding fathers. Upsetting.
    From EU citizen.

  • aahahahahahahahahaha sorry I can’t stop laughing

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  • Everyone who has posted here should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Sure, it's just fine if you post these disgusting comments under a false name – how many of you would have posted using your real name? Not many I bet because you're racist cowards. What is wrong with negroes? Or lesbians? Grow up and open your minds you ignorant people.

  • My god, what the hell is wrong with all of you?????!!!!

    This is America, NOT Nazi Germany. This is the 21st century, NOT the 18th.

    A woman was attacked and assaulted, and you say, "Oh, the tragedy that she wasn't raped/killed/will learn her lesson." What lesson is there to be learned? Yes, it stinks that she was attacked, but the work she does trying to bridge racial differences is important and admirable. I hope she will make a full recovery.

    As for all the comments about black people… Did a black man assault her? Yes. Are all black people the spawn of Satan? NO. That's like saying, 'Her attacker was a man, therefore all men must be evil'. It is total BS and makes NO sense.

    And as for her being gay… Good for her! I am straight, but I have many close gay and lesbian friends and they are no different then straight people.

    You know, whenever I think we've made progress and racism is dying in America, I find something like this and I get depressed all over again. There is a reason I don't stand for the Pledge any more.

    It is time all you all recognize that racism is dying. We have a black president, for crying out loud. Prejudice against blacks, gays, and people of certain religions is disgusting and makes no sense.

    The world is full of black and gay people. Live with it. You can't change that, but you can accept it and learn to live with it. If you still have a heart after all this time, try to revive it. Acceptance is not wrong. Peace is not wrong. And it would sure do everyone a whole lot of good.

    Think about it.

  • You people are sick and disgusting. It doesn’t matter what color the mugger is, or what sexual orientation or beliefs the victim has. The attack was wrong. .period, and so are you.

  • What is wrong with you people????

    And this is why, like David Bowie, I’m afraid of Americans.

  • I think you are missing the high probability that it is RACISM that in part has put that black man where he is today. This attack could have been perpetrated by an individual of ANY color (white too). It is a higher probabbility that perpetrators are minorities because the deck is stacked against them.

  • Mark, I don’t think those people care one way or another about the root causes. In my experience, people filled w/ that type of hate usually have feelings on inadequacy, and can only feel better about themselves by bashing other people. Usually people who are more comfortable w/ themselves have a more accepting attitude. I genuinely feel sorry for them.

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  • Jews are Parasites

    Oy Vey Oy Vey Share the joys of multiculturalism Juden Parasite.

  • I’ve never been mugged by a group of white guys before…. There are bad elements in all races, just so happens most are black…

    Amdela, would you rather us lie about how we feel? Or maybe we should extend more privilages to those who think they deserve it because of the color of their skin more so than their disposition in life due to poor decisions made by their forefathers.

  • Native Sun, I've never been mugged by a group of white guys before, or a group of black guys either. On the other hand, my father was mugged by a group of white guys. Your statement that there are bad elements in all races is certainly true, but I'm not sure how you managed to determine that most bad elements are black. I'm mixed race, and obviously so. I've found blacks on the whole to be a lot more accepting than whites. However, the person I consider to be my best friend is white, although not American.

    I also don't find much difference in behavior between poor blacks and poor whites. If you've ever had a jury summons, you might notice that there are quite a few poor whites being charged for the same offenses that the blacks are being charged w/. Violence, theft, drugs etc.etc.

    Additionally, as much time as I've spent around blacks, I've never heard anyone with expectations of preferential treatment because of the color of their skin. In fact the expectation was just the opposite.

  • I am a white nationalist but even I am disgusted by all these hateful comments. hope the poor woman recorvers.

    But Isn’t it hypocritical for an anti racist to wish death on a racist
    Who cares if someone prefers their own kind. As long as it isn’t hurting others. I thought liberals were all about Live and let live. Who cares what a racist thinks as long as they dont act on it.

  • If only we could see reports of how many white males committed the same crime on the same day in the US. Bet the numbers would be a hell of a lot more than…1!!!!!!

  • Some people must learn the hard way about how dangerous and violent negros are. Remember; no one is ever born a racist………

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  • 5% of the pop. BLACK males commit over 5-% of all violent crimes. Imagine all of them in jail. WHAT a SAFE place America would be. Then put Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Hugh Hefner, Michael Eisner, Steven Bornstein, Jeff Zucker, Murray Rothstein-Redstone, Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller (insert 10,000 jew CEO, Producers, writers and execs that have purposely destroyed American Culture) underground. Wow – America would be great again.

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  • A nigger beating a dyke hahah priceless.

  • um seriously?

    does anyone else see the irrefutable irony of this comment?.. lol

    this is amusing to me [this topic as a whole] i am neither an activist nor racist, i am simply indifferently, i just find this slightly humorous in light of the rather bleak nature of the event .

    I have a feeling someone’s gonna beat this guy up, talk about shi*ting where you eat!

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