No Jobs For White Males: Robert Reich

Former Clinton-era Secretary of Labor and Obama economic adviser Robert Reich made this stunningly-anti-white comment during a House Committee hearing on Jan. 9, 2009. Charlie “Red” Rangel also chimes in by saying “the Middle Class will not fight back”, leading many to believe the Obama Administration is planning on a massive wealth redistribution campaign.


  • Follow the yellow brick road!

  • First off, who is a thief like Rangel to talk about where money should go? He's should be in jail! He is as crooked as they come. This path that the Foreign Occupier is taking will create a backlash the likes which have never been seen before. White People are going to get fed up very quckly, and all the cries of "racism" will have no effect. Why? Because when you hurt the pocketbook, that's when people react in their interest! Reich will be the first of many anti White moves by the Foreign Occupier.

  • Don't count on us not fighting back Mr. Rangel, you and your merry communist friends have pushed it too far, your Messiah Barrack the illegal alien is over his head and Mr. Reich will regret his words.

    There is no doubt that Barrack approves of Mr. Reich’s statement , he received his racial education from the “Holy Man” Wright with his black liberation theology.

    Its apparent you feel comfortable with your anti white campaign , that you’ve initiated against the white race. You have placed us in the position the Jew’s and the Ukraine’s had in Europe in the 1930’s.

    Don’t count on success, you have bitten off more that you can chew.

  • This is disturbing on so many different levels. Giving things (jobs, money, mortgages) to people that don't qualify for them has been historically proven to fail. What do they think caused the housing market to implode and the economy tailspin?? Pathetic! These men and their uneducated ideals are just two of the examples of the bane on our political system.

  • What's wrong with people simply building themselves up the old-fashioned way, by earning it?! Hardwork and personal sacrifice are good things–no more freebies!

  • As I have predicted, “Suid Afrika’s present is our future!” Corruption, incompetence, anti White racism, we’re seeing it in the Foreign Occupier’s first days. Cronyism, hypocrisy, have made that once modern, civilized nation into a toilet. White People are the taxpayers who fund the indolent. Incompetence has destroyed the infrastructure. We see it with Reich’s comments.

  • This is the unfettered stupidity and lack of humility of white people on full bloom on display. how does a Robert Reich's comments evoke any thoughts of exclusion of white males. In fact his comments are just the opposite. He simply stated that everyone (women, minorities, the poor, the long term unemployed) NOT JUST WHITE MALE Construction workers should partake in the next great expansion of this country.

    I swear, bigoted, selfish, racist Caucasians are a demonic and evil species of human and thank God they will eventually be dealt with.

    The fact is white people, "WHITE MALES" in particular have been exclusionary in their hiring practices since the beginning of this country. Just as is the case with the financial institution bailout, an overwhelming majority of the funds will go to white-owned businesses and white workers. Those bailout tax payer dollars will mainly benefit white males who dominate Wall Street. Reich's comments sought to prevent that exclusion again.

  • The only good thing that has come out of this recession/depression is that racist white people (many who are republicans) are now getting their asses handed to them in this economy too. You've voted against your own best interest your whole sorry lives and now it's come to bite you in the ass. The Republican/Bush theory on the economy has destroyed the US/World Economy including you poor white selves. You people are demonic and kin to Satan.

    And why do you racist hate black people and minorities so much? Why? If minorities hated you as much as much you racist hate minorities, you would really be in serious trouble. I will pray for you bigots. And by the way, Jesus was a man of color too.

    You racist evil people will be extinct shortly so that is a GREAT LOOK for the rest of the world.

  • What the hell is going on!!!!

    This is the most pathetic, racist, bigoted thing I've ever heard. Who do think keeps this country going? It's the middle class, white, black, red, or yellow, it's those who ACTUALLY have enough pride to work 2,3, or even 4 jobs if necessary to feed and clothe their families, and not lay around on their asses expecting the working man to pay for their laziness, including food, housing, medical, and prescriptions. God help us!!!!

  • hehehe, First off I'm not sure what the problem is, do you mean to say that you don't agree that the jobs shouldn't just go to whites and that they should go to whites, blacks, hispanics, and ummmm AMERICANS REGUARDLESS OF RACE???? Thats what he's saying, and I love it when people like you and your fellows use words like SOCIALISM, AND REDISTIBUTION OF WEALTH!! heheh Scare me into realizing that any form of taxsation is a transfer of wealth idiot. My favorite is DUH'S posting. Noone said anything about giving jobs to anyone that isn't qualified, he states very clearly that with this plan all people and all skill levels need to be represented to actually stimulate the econmy. Lets be honest the goal is to get people off their couchs and get to work, it's funny because here's the plan to get people, AMERICANS, to work and your saying that he wants to give money to people that won't work for it.Also your point about the housing crisis, why isn't there anything in there about leverageing ? or multi property owners not paying their morgages in a 2 to 1 % over sub prime? And you have the gull to utilize the word uneducated?

  • I've lived in five major u.s. cities, and have concluded from personal experience that blacks are racist. Their brazen rhetoric vilifying whites is becoming equal to what the Nazis said about the Jews to justify killing them.

  • >>>You racist evil people will be extinct shortly so that is a GREAT LOOK for the rest of the world.<<<
    PiTty 4 D- You just proved that you are the racist with that comment.

  • "You people are demonic and kin to Satan." – Pitty 4 Y-D

    Probably the most racist thing I've read in quite a while. Lol. Seriously??

  • Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Scret society trying to keep their eyes on me.

    white and black men share the same b.s. while they make it sound like they are fair. this thinking only creates division and they love it!

  • Irish but not white

    Are all people with dark skin black?are all people with white skin the White?
    we need to focus on the fact that 3 percent of the the worlds population controls 85 percent of our money! rich need to be poor and poor should be rich i agree,but what of thouse who want to be lazy?do the deserve a free ride?should you be judged by the job you do,or the color of you skin. This is a ploy to insure we dont stand as a whole
    Now for the rest of you not all white people are from one race.Irish for example are an opressed white race. what about italians? we the not invaided by the moore’s. by the way who are black.what about the sweeds who have they hurt? Ever wounder who owns the federal reserve? DON’T BE STUPID whis harm on someone else and 10 fold will come to you

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