Family Burned To Death In “Witchcraft” Attack

A 6-year old girl, her mother and grandmother were killed during a Christmas Day attack in which their hatch hut home near Dutywa, South Africa was burnt down by a mob believing the family practiced witchcraft.

45-year old Ntombizanele Combo burned to death in the hut along with her 6-year old daughter, Sibulele Combo, who was pushed back into the burning hut several times by the attackers as she tried to escape. 80-year old Nokwesile Wogqoyi was hacked to death by the mob with bushknives. Two of Ntombizanele’s other children managed to escape.

7 men and one woman were arrested the next day for allegedly burning down the family hut. Police were forced to shoot and kill two arson suspects who attempted to attack the questioning officers.

“The motive behind the murders is believed to be witchcraft as nothing was stolen from the two homesteads,” said police captain Jackson Manath.


  • The motive behind these things is from one source alone, for it serves him alone. I speak of satan, the evil one.

  • NewsGuy, this trend of witchcraft attacks is quite disturbing.

    I have seen quite horrific pictures from South Africa, but I don’t think posting them here would be appropriate. But it does make you realise just how brutal these savages are.

  • @ Johann,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you are South African. If you are then you should be supporting the that fact that other people around the world are being made aware of the kind of people that now run our country. The more people read about these atrocities and see the pictures and videos the better.

    I would recomend that all who read this go onto youtube and search south african viloence, genocide, farm murders, facts about apartheid and look up the latest report by the BBC on the violence in Joburg, this can be found in Hansieoslim's channel.

    Also ckeck out R3INDI3R'S channel too.

    So, appropriate my ass, people need to see and hear, otherwise our people will be killed off and nobody will know what happened. And this also applies to the black on black violence as it also has a drastic influence on the future of South Africa.

    As a South African I ask TRP to show more of these articles and links to videos through your HELLO AFRIKA link.

    Baaie dankie manne, julle doen a gooie ding hier.


  • @Leonard

    What I said was posting the pics I saw would not be appropriate, because we have to assume that there might be sensitive or younger readers of TRP. To tell you the honest truth, posting these pics might actually wake up more people, but I do think it would also damage the professional conduct of all at TRP.

    I did not say the article is inappropriate.

    I applaud TRP for exposing the truth about South Africa – actually not only South Africa, but also the UK and of course USA.

    The youtube channels you mention are all on my subscription list and have been for some time. I’m on your side!

  • Good! A few less kaffirs in Sa are no loss!

  • @Susan
    “The evil one?” What type of fantasy world are you in? This is pure ignorance on behalf of their religions beliefs, none of that Satan crap is real.

  • Sounds like just another day in sunny ol' South Africa to me.

  • @ Franklin

    I put it to you that even if I did not believe in the existence of satan or the devil, it seems more plausible that the behaviour of these “people” chopping up others for the sake of “medicine” has more to do with demons of some sort than anything taught by religion.

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