The Legenday White-Skinned Cloud People Of Peru

Village of the Cloud People

Village of the Cloud People

Archeologists have discovered a 12-acre lost city deep within the Amazon rain forest that may shed light on a long-lost tribe of white-skinned, blonde-haired people known as the Cloud People.

The Cloud People, also known in legend as “the white warriors of the clouds” established expansive kingdom located in the northern regions of the Andes in present-day Peru during the ninth century. Bordered by the Maranon and Utcubamba rivers, in the zone of Bagua, their civilzation extended up to the basin of the Abiseo river, and to the very edges of Peru’s northern Amazon jungle. The Cloud People were defeated by the Incas but later conquered them by aligning with the Spanish Conquistadors. Unfortunately, diseases brought to the New World by their allies eventually wiped the Cloud People out.

Past archeological discoveries were so heavily looted that little was left to learn about the Cloud People, who are referred to as Chachapoyas in Inca legends. Other pre-hispanic groups referred to the Cloud People as “White Gods” due to their height, blonde hair and blue eyes.

The spanish conqueror Pedro Cieza de Leon wrote they wore woolen clothing and wollen turbans, and described them as “the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas’ wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple.” He also noted the Cloud People were significantly taller than the Spaniards, indicating they were Nordic and not Mediteranian. Another Spanish conqueror, Orellana, wrote similar descriptions. Verification of the Cloud People’s racial makeup came two years ago, when archaeologists found an underground burial vault inside a cave with five mummies, two intact with skin and hair.

According to Inca legend, the Chachapoyas remembered that their ancestors came from the East. The Amazon river is on the East and far east is the Atlantic Ocean. Archeologists have discovered paintings and drawings of large ships on the buildings of the Chachapoyas, indicating that they possibly traveled from Europe to South America by sea, passing through the Amazon river flows until they reached a more tolerable climate, away from the unbearable tropical heat of the Amazon jungle.

The Cloud People are probably best known for the Kuellap fortress on the top of a mountain in Utcubamba, which can only be compared in scale to the Incas’ Machu Picchu retreat, built hundreds of years later.

The newly-discovered fortress is tucked away in one of the most far-flung areas of the Amazon. Sitting at the edge of a chasm which may have been used as a lookout post, it was extremely isolated and very well-preserved.

The main encampment is made up of circular stone houses overgrown by jungle over 12 acres, according to archaeologist Benedict Goicochea Perez.

Rock paintings cover some of the fortifications and next to the dwellings are platforms believed to have been used to grind seeds and plants for food and medicine.


  • Where are they now? I could use a girlfriend!

  • Read about these people in the Book of Mormon. The Nephites

  • Christopher Hansen

    You do not know they were the Nephites. According to the Book of Mormon most of them were wiped out. They could have been Nordic peoples for all you know. You don't even know how long they had been in the Americas. And I am LDS but I am not so quick to judgments I cannot back up with proof.

  • I tend to agree with Chris. That said, its a fascinating discovery. I just watched the National Geo special on this, and, believe it or not, they did not mention ONCE that these people had white skin. I thought that funny, since I started reading about this, it seems every article mentions the white skin in the first paragraph if not the first sentence. Why would they do that? I don't think you can convince me its an innocent omission. It seems highly relevant to the science around this tribe. I would hope that the science is just beginning.

    • Janice A Simmons

      I agree with your thinking to the white skin omission. It’s really is getting on my nerves that pictures of a so called Neffertiti with very dark skin are being put on the internet all over the place. The original bust of her doesn’t look very dark at all ( well the pictures anyway. I’ve never seen the original. It’s in Germany somewhere.)

  • There are a few things that are important to consider when discussing the origins and history of a people. First Archeology is a science of peicing together clues from very old events. Archeologists do good job but consider how difficult it is for modern day forensic scientists to peice together crime scenes that may only be a few weeks or months old. Many of the conclusion of the science of archeology are really hypothesis. Without a written history that could be confirmed by archeological studies it is impossible to say for sure what the origin of this people really is.

    The Book of Mormon does have historical accounts of the origins of some of the people of the Americas both North and South. But the Authors of the Books within the Book of Mormon admit that they ommitted much of the mundane history details and commented that the purpose of the book was to impart spiritual lessons that the ancient peoples learned from thier experiences with God. The purpose was not to leave a definitive historical record for science to prove. The purpose of the book for people of our modern day to learn and test the moral and spiritual points of the book. One cannot use archeology to prove anything in the Book of Mormon. The purpose is to apply and test the spiritual teachings of the book in your own life to prove the truthfullness of the spiritual content. This is not a scientific experiment but one based on action and faith and personal discovery.

    For the purpose of the Book of Mormon the term Nephite and Lamanite was not necassarily the name of the only tribes. These names were used more often to describe the acceptance of spiritual beliefs. Much like today where there are many countries that have different names of the people French/Spanish but within them are people called Protestant and Catholic.

    In the historical account tin the BOM the people and tribes had their own local names by which they were called. The term Nephite and Lamanite referred to the two more prevelant religous groups Like Catholic and Protestant.

    The religous account of the peoples in the BOM points out a cycle of people declining their moral values and then being destroyed for lack morals. The cultures that were predecessors to the era of th BOM would be ther remaining people who would continue on a path of moral decline. While the descendants of Nephites and Lamanites existed after the BOM the religious morals and ideas were no longer practiced and so the existance of a Lamanite or Nephite ceased to exist in the sense that if no person on the Earth today practiced the Catholic religion, their descendants would continue to exist but not as Catholics. Catholics would cease to exist.

    Chachopoya white or dark skinned may have been Lamanite or Nephite or some other group during the period in which Archeologists believe the civilization began 200AD to 400AD. The BOM accounts that Nephites and Lamanites switched beliefs based on the events in BOM and at times both White and Dark skinned peoples were in both groups based on their religous beliefs.

    During the latter end of the civilazation when the spanish did have written records these groups would not be Nephites or Lamanites in a sense that thier beliefs had been overun by Inca and Spanish Catholisism. There were no more Nephites during this time although the origin of the fair skin could have been the result of a genetic descendant from the time of Nephites and Lamanites.

    Even DNA studies would have a difficult time tracking or proving the origins of these and other people in the South Americas. There are too many variables and unkowns to make a definitive factual conclusion. DNA could be used to make some interprative hypothesis that had strong scientific support but not definitive.

    DNA scientists tried to prove that people in Ethopia had a direct relation to the Semitic people of the old world Isreal. This was done due to legend of these people fleeing to this area during military sieges in Isreal. DNA results have shown that there are some traits that are common between the two groups.

    Semitic peoples origins according to the Bible were Egyption and then Isreal and Jeruselam. It is not suprising that DNA supports common traits but it is difficult to say whether the tie was from a misplaced semite from old egypt or a fleeing Jew.

    The origin of the peoples in the Book of Mormon were both Isrealite/Neo Egyption in the Jeruselam area. There were also other groups recorded in the BOM that came before the Nephites and Lamanites from other ancient civilizations. As noted above the BOM does not claim that other travelers or peoples did not begin to inhabit the Americas. Chachpoya may be related in both DNA to old world Jeruselam/Neo Egyptian peoples from descendants of the Nephites or Lamanites. Or they may be related to other earlier or later groups that arrived in this area.

    The cultures and nature of nomadic peoples intermingling in the ancient worlds and relocating makes decoding the DNA origins of people nearly impossible. Connection and common traits can be proven but the interpretation of these is exactly that interpration.

    Archeleogy that does not have a written record is riddled with the same dilema. Interpretation of unkown factors mingled with age old clues.

    To dismiss the possibility of a Nephite or Lamanite ancestory based on personal opinion is worse than a trained archeoligist dismissing the possibility. The color of the skin of an ancient people should also not be used to make a definitive statement on whether it supports or damns an account like the BOM.

    • Our family are cousins of those people we to were colonised in nz 232 b.c from ancient Egypt Alexandria . We are the family of the great navigator Maui , we to were fair skin with blond to reddish hair . 1200 hundred years later we bred with the polynesians who are recognised as maori today . Maui was the son of Ptolomy lll Pharoah king of Egypt , they were Greek Macedonian . Maui’s grandfather was Septuagint who was responsible for the bible .

  • Do not know about Mormon books and I am definatly not a Mormon and do not believe their religion but to be honest it seems like they got this on right atleast the fact that there were ancient white inhabitants of America. We have to keep this quite though because a good many whites enjoy the guilt about stealing land of native Americans

  • they were vikings
    iam from the north of peru and my grandpa told me about
    my great grandfather being nordic
    they obviously mixed, my grandpa is caucasoid and has strong white
    features. were 6.1 feet tall…my skin has tanned from mixing
    im just curiouis what the fuck im made of

  • Through foolishness. The Chachapoyas skulls have been looked at by anthropologists for years. They are no Europeans. Europeans described many people in the Americas in hyperbolic terms of Black and White. If we go by Spanish accounts many Indigenous populations were Black, as they use the term Negro and White as they describe some populations with those terms. You have to read the fine print. THe CHachapoyas were described as gente blanca de color trigueño. White people of wheatish color. In other words they were of a yellowish light skinned color. You find those skin tones to this day in many Native populations.

  • I am Peruvian, and there are still some people in the amazon jungle who look like europeans, but nobody knows exactly were are they from, specially in Soritor which is near Moyobamba (100 milles south east of Kuelap). Nobody knows exaclty why they are white and have blue eyes, but they are there, living mainly from agriculture since nobody knows when. Somebody talked me that DNA probes were done in Kuelap’s mommies and they are Vikings, but I do not know where to find or confirm that information. There is another story about it: Many judish people called “marranos” lived in Cajamarca, specially in Celendin, which is 100 milles from Kuelap, since 300 years ago aprox. (white people, blue eyes). They were converted to Catholicism to avoid persecution but kept their customs and expanded in the north of the amazon jungle. Actually my parent’s family came from that root. Some of them probed their origins and customs and were gathered by the Israel government when the state was created and now live in Israel.

  • Have any MT-DNA tests been done. If not, then Y-CHROMOSONE. I am of the belief that The Ten Lost Tribes were capable of travel. At the time of Jonah, the "whole world" had already stretched to the strait of Gibralter. The book of Mormon only confesses the idolatry of which they are practicioners of, to this day. Can any bearring be set by belief anymore. do you have to have scientific fact to believe. Ethiopia contains one of the greatest strongholds of Judaism, why? Even the population of Israel does not have the faith and belief that this small community has. Should not the people of Israel be more concerned with the Saviors Mercy Seat; Throne of The Most High, which is waiting for His return, in Ethiopia. Does anyone remember the story of Peter and the eunich? We are all members of one of the tribes of Israel if we have faith and believe there is a God. I would not be placing my thoughts here now, if there weren't.

  • this forum is incredible. i just wanted to learn about the cloud people. the views about them possibly being from the book of mormon is extremely believable. i did not relate them to the book of mormon, but now i see they really could have been.

    actually, i stumbled upon the cloud people through youtube. i was really bored and typed 'shocking stories' in the search box. after navigating through different vids i saw one titled 'Noah's Arc amazing new discovery'. it was quite interesting, i watched all of the parts to the story and other vids that dealt with the central idea….eventually in one of the videos, the cloud people were mentioned.

    why were they there?? what was their purpose?? i dont know why this is so important to me, but it is, and its getting crazy. honestly, after seeing these videos and reading of the research done, and seeing all the websites. its getting the better of me.

    i formed this theory that they were part of a big plan, one bigger than this world…that sounded wierd right? but i went on…could they be connected to the heavens?? could they literally be sent??

    when i read these responses, i was in awe!!! Well, maybe im not the only one who's thinking like this! Yes! i am not A crazy..

  • Joseph Smith was a con-man. Mormonism is a scam just as all religion are scams. Anyone who uses the writings of Joseph Smith ( I mean the dictations of Smith because Smith was illiterate) as a source for the ancient history of North America, or anywhere else in the world, is an idiot.

    The cloud people is an interesting story. I can’t wait to read about all the findings from the site in Peru—including the dna Haplotypes from the remains of the “cloud people”..

  • I doubt Joseph was a conman because many legends of the Ancient Americas support the Book of Mormon but as one commentator said so well it about spiritual lessons and archeology in its current state can only speculate on the people because there is at this time a lack of written material by the Ancients to back up any claim they may make, frankly I believe this whole matter is a mess and like religion there are many conflicting theories with little solid evidence to make it all convincing.

    Concerning the cloud people in other ther parts there was also a mention of white people like for instance on Easter Island where a group lived and who according to records practiced circumsicion. Here genetic testing in my opinion loses some credibility because it flies against well documented eyewitness acounts of these people and perhaps the sience of genetics is not as perfected as some belief it is.

    There were two very different and distinct people with very different customs nad physical features, one had a written language and the Polynesians who were later immigants not. Today one can still see some of the unique features including a distintive nose on some Polynesians whose foregfathers mixed and features which are remarkably Middle Eastern.

    Thor believed they were Hittitites.There is evidence that links these people to the mainland, that they were outcasts including their unique stonework. When this group was wiped out in a war with the Polynesians the statues which has made them so famous in modern times were toppled and the work stopped seeing that the Polynesians were not master in this.

    I am going to ad a theory that the Polynesians and these folk were in fact genetically related but as one finds in any family many times children have different features because of variables. Ive even heard of black people being born to white parents. Somewhere in their past there was a seperation and because of a lack of genetic diversity polynesians developed the very features they are known for today. perhaps someone can elaborate on this and compare it to existing groups who have evolved certain faetures because of a lack of new genetics migrants. I think of Arab and Eastern groups.

    Its always an interesting subject. Id of course encourage all to read the Book of Mormon and test it, discover it. Other than that both critics and members will not be able to prove anything beyond a doubt(archeoligically) because of a lack of credible witnesses and people can only speculate on events they were not able to witness personally. The surest thing I know is to ask God and recieve a testimony through the Holy Spirit.

  • Produce the plates! Where are the golden breast plates that Smith claims to have had access to? Conman. Conman. Conman. What makes it even more pathetic for the followers of his great-con-job is that Joseph Smith was an illiterate.
    Please name the legend of the ancient Americas that “support” the book of mormon? Name them.

  • smilin'@Smithyleaks

    Go Smithyleaks!!

    “Plates” you said?!! Is some one offering DINNER?!! I’ll be right there…lol.
    Well, the one good thing that could be said of Joseph Smith is that he was an inspirational DICTATOR. ( Pun intended!)
    Sadly, you can’t argue “beliefs”… & in retrospect, why would one?

    Wouldn’t it be of benefit to stick to the FACTS of this remarkable discovery and not tarnish it with religious beliefs or worse use it as an opportunity to APOSTATIZE?!
    Why, it might lead one to a “Clouded Conclusion” … couldn’t it? Now, that’s funny!

    For goodness sakes people, this was a archeological discovery.
    It’s a wonderment on its own… let us NOT add mysticism to it.

  • Mark Stevenson

    i have lived in New Zealand and a have female Peruvian friend who says that the white skinned blue eyed fair haired people still exist in her part of the jungle.I would like to believe that they decended from Vikings,even she believes this but if they were blown off course on there way across the Atlantic i find it diffucult to believe they could have survuved the tropical heat for months at sea without a constant source of drinkable water.I know from experience that tropical heat causes dehydration very rapidly.But as a Viking enthusiast that has travelled to Norway and Iceland as well as almost married a Norweigian i would like to think it was true.Where’s the dna evidence surely that would settle all arguments.

  • Also isn’t it possible that they evolved in the jungle?I saw a programme about spirit bears in Alaska they are brown bears that have a slight genetic difference,this makes them pure white.It just seems very far fetched that vikings or israelites could have made it so far across seas in such harsh conditions and adapted so readily in the 9th c.

  • I have lived 59 years and for once I finally meet true White people. Amazing how a pure White person looks. They are whiter than the computer scene and with the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. Not only do some of them have straight hair but some have nappy ,curly, and wavy hair. I just meet these people a month ago. They were beautiful to behold. I should tell you even their hair was white as thier skin like pure snow. That brings me to pure Black. people, their skin is completely black. Hard to believe ,but they are beautiful humans. What about us humans we certainly aren’t the real things, in a way we are just knock offs.

  • The Vikings certainly reached North America, around 1000AD: might they have followed the coast to South America then sailed up the Amazon? It seems far-fetched. Yet Viking-like runes have been found in Argentina. The Incas worshipped a god called Viracocha, who was tall, white and bearded and came from the east. And near the town of Mendoza, just east of Kuélap, there is a curious phenomenon: isolated communities as blond and fair as any Scandinavian.

  • Interesting story… and one that parallels a number of others from around the world at the moment that have become extraordinarily popular, especially in countries with indigenous people. Many conveniently placed European ‘discoveries’ such as random one-off swords and one-off trinkets appearing from nowhere have suddenly validated the occupation of countries where Europeans have invaded, colonized, pillaged, introduced new diseases to indigenous populations and plundered. Strangely the ‘original’ populations, are almost always described as Norwegian, Celtic, Viking and/or any combination that can claim the ‘purest’ of European origins resulting in blonde hair and blue eyes. Interestingly, for such accomplished cultures in recording their entire histories in art and literature… they never seem to know anything about it themselves? only those who claim very loose genetic and cultural ties, often through popular fiction know these truths.

    In response to rising consciousness around indigenous rights and the push from indigenous cultures themselves to have their rights recognized, lands and pillaged artifacts returned… a large scale ‘rediscovery’ of prior European discovery (often stated as earlier than the original migrations of indigenous people to those lands) incredibly makes Europeans themselves the ‘true’ indigenous people. Therefore all is validated and all is forgiven.

    In fact, it means there’s no longer a case to answer to. All they’ve done is ‘reclaim’ what apparently belonged to Europeans to begin with. Convenient?

    However… with an “open mind” can anyone provide any reliable references? links to genuine research studies, links to peer-reviewed studies from archaeological digs? …please …no links about spacemen, rock drawings of space-ships, the world-wide “cover-up” from the academic fraternity and apologists, fantastical spiritual origins and alien DNA, or links to pseudo-archaeology websites. Reputable links only. I want to maintain an open-mind, to challenge my skepticism and to genuinely learn about these fascinating people and their history. Thank you.


  • Never, ever, base science on religion.

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