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Girls Raped “Because They Are White”

Two Afrikaaner sisters in their early twenties were told “it’s your fault we don’t have jobs, because you are white…’ before they were raped by black home invaders, South African authorities report.

The two girls, aged 21 and 25, live in the high-security St. Augustine complex in Mangold Park, Port Elizabeth. Police Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg reports the attackers managed to get through 22-strand, high-voltage fence and other security measures. The home invaders did not loot the apartment.

The attack came on the eve of the ludicrously-named ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence‘. “It shows that these men have no respect for the campaign,” said the girls’ mother, who has had to throw out the living room couch where the attack took place.

“They didn‘t only rape my kids; they raped my soul,” the mother told local daily The Herald. I wish I could just lock the girls up in a room with me and protect them from everything and everyone.” The girls have had to move to their family farm to escape the trauma of being raped in their own home.

“They‘re petrified,” said their mother. “Their body language has changed completely. One is a closed book, like she‘s lost her soul [….] Our lives have been shattered, but my daughters say that they will not let this get them down.“The assailants may have taken their bodies, but they will not take away their spirit.”

No arrests have yet been made but police are still investigating.

Rape is of particular concern in South Africa, as one woman is raped every 26 seconds and two out of five boys are raped there.

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  1. ETB says

    Port Elizabeth is about to be renamed into a Bantu name because thekaffirs need to feel "good" about themselves.

  2. Ted says

    The Afrikaners need to have their own country.

  3. angry white dude says

    Isn't the end of apartheid wonderful? Black leadership is such a wonderful thing. Ask the citizens of Rhod…err….Zimbabwe!

  4. Wizzard says

    Just as a man can be judged by his actions, so can an entire nation be judged !

  5. Jess says

    duh thats what your ass get for living in africa with niggers

    and them black guys knew they wanted to get up on some white girls not because they cant get jobs thats bull crap!

    if that was so they would have set their house on fire!

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