Curtis Sliwa, Professional Wrestler

Finally, PROOF of what Frank from Queens has been saying all along!

Degenerate Liar Curtis Sliwa sold the name rights of his group to a pro wrestler! Formerly the Big Boss Man, deceased wrestler Ray Taylor became The Guardian Angel. Sliwa has no respect for his group, the suckers who he cons into joining, or himself!

It is ironic that he sold the rights, since wrestling like his group is a fake!

Two fakers!

Sliwa and a pro wrestler!

Oh, and did any of the members of his group get one red cent from Sliwa? He plays a “crimefighter” and the wrestler played one of his members! They filmed it a Universal City Studios in Orlando, Fla. In one scene, they are on patrol using the fake background set of NYC. You’ve seen the set many times including Star Trek, The Sting (like Sliwa a conjob), etc. They’ve said it was different cities but it is the same set reused. A fake patrol, just like his “patrols”!


Too bad the wrestler died, we were looking forward to interviewing him and letting him know what a scam artist Sliwa is!

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