Haider Denounced “Banking Mafia” Before Death

Conspiracy theories sprung up almost immediately after the stunning death of Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider this weekend. While many were not rooted in any sense of reality, one motive comes from a recent Austrian TV talk show appearance Haider gave concerning the world economic crisis. Haider compared banks to the mafia, ruining the world. Referring to them as “big gentlemen” or “the big bosses”, Haider said they won’t be held responsible, the citizens will have to pay with their jobs and money. Here’s the video (translation appears after):


JH: …what we need is the protection before these ruinous (financial) products. Because the banks are a single gigantic mafia, which has poisoned the whole world with these products. By transporting all that, so to say, out from America, and today nobody want to be responsible. The large gentlemen are surely not punished. Yes, this is the point.

Opponent #2: this is not _THE_ banks, surely are some…

JH: All are into this, all are into this. Well, if I look for myself, the German banks, the country banks, the Landesbanken in Germany, all.

Opponent #1: this is…

JH: In Austria is the big Raiffeisenbank onto it, thus we have a fairly big chunk, then Bank Austia…

(Opponents at the table protest, further inaudible)

JH: The whole thing will be delivered onto the little man, because he will loose jobs, he will loose also income.

Opponent #1: well, _THIS_ is exactly, what one is not allowed to do (say) now.

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