The Revolution Always Eats Its Own

The cardinal rule of Leftist revolutions is that it always eats it own. History bears this truth out when we examine the revolutions of the twentieth century. The Bolshevik Revolution, actually a coup, slaughtered millions in “The Great Terror”. Mao who idolized Stalin continued this in his “Great Leap Forward”, and culminated it in the “Cultural Revolution”. The Cultural Revolution was the application of Parvus’ theory of “continuous revolution”. Trotsky who stole the idea, was himself a victim of it under Stalin. We saw in recent memory how Pol Pot in Cambodia murdered millions following Mao and Stalin’s dictum. We have seen it in the bloodless kkkommunist takeover of our universities.

The question you may ask is whom have they eaten? The answer is our children! Because of the Leninist ideology of “Political Correctness”, there is no real debate on issues, except for ones that are approved by the resident Bolsheviks. The free enterprise system, racism, women’s issues, etc. are subject to the most vitriolic screed. Oh yes, how white men are the most evil creation in the world and responsible for all the miseries of every other group. Other than these “approved issues”, students have been terrorized into silence. Terrorized is a pretty harsh word you may say, but it is the facts of life on our college campuses. What happens to the student who takes a strong protest against the approved issues, is what has happened to their parents. They become ostracized, they may be expelled, threatened with violence, they in turn become a non-person.

The weapons of the terror are identity politics, multiculturalism, deconstructionism, environmentalism, homosexual studies, and of course moral relativism. An article in the Sept 2001 issue of

The Amherst Journal describes how students today on campuses don’t debate passionately on issues as they did in the sixties. Because of the above said weapons they have been terrorized into silence. Especially if they are White Men. White Men have been made the anathema of the so-called, “intellegensia”. Blame everything upon them, as the Nazis blamed Jews, or as the kkkommunists blamed “the rich”. The toll has indeed been high. Newspapers on campuses have been shut down, students threatened with failing grades, and the red brigades physically threatening them.

The psychotic “feminists” have made them out to be naturally born rapists. A chance remark, look, or heaven forbid, a kiss, can be a reason to be expelled, or censured. Because they have co-opted the schools, history is taught as identity politics, and deconstructed. Identity politics is fine if you are one of the protected groups, not Christian Identity. Christian Identity teaches the bizarre belief that Jews are the spawn of the Devil, a “demon seed”, blacks, and others are not human. Yet is what is espoused by the professional √©lites any different? They teach that Whites are responsible for all of the world’s ills: oppression, exploitation, poverty, ignorance, etc. Western civilization is evil and corrupt, and the “root cause” of every real and imagined problem. Our Founding Fathers were “old dead White Men”, and Western literature was written by “old dead White guys”. They teach that Western literature and history is meaningless to “people of colour” and women. But that is not regarded as hate. One is considered racist, which it is, and another is considered “deconstructionist”. Now remember class, White Men, bad, others good. You may now graduate.

Identity politics have turned learning on it’s collective head. History is now relative. There is no real historical facts, only perceptions. Each group has now it’s own slant on history as it relates to them. Since the majority wrote history, minorities cannot relate to it. Therefore what we have been taught to understand is not really true. Women have their own history. Black history is completely different from the history of this nation. Our heroes: ie the Founding Fathers are evil, exploitive slaveholders. Heaven forbid you should call them as I do, “Great White Men”. White women are still white, but not really part of the total sum. They have been made out to be a separate entity. Black history, Women’s history, Hispanic history, etc are separate from the whole experience. You cannot criticize them, because you is not part of the group. The biforcation of America. Welcome to Yugoslavia!

Deconstructionism states that since all of these groups are “victims”, your speech can expose your bias. They can never be the oppressor, since they have had to endure “White Male oppression”. It breaks down history and literature to the point where it says that different groups are the actual writers. In literature homosexuals are made out to be the actual authors of many works. The only reason that the authors never wrote that they were is because they were afraid to reveal themselves for fear of retribution. Heaven forbid you should state your religious belief that it is immoral and unnatural, you would be a victim of the “terror”. The ertzatz word “homophobic” is a label that is used to ostracize anyone who dares espouse his religious convictions. It teaches that the history that we have is really racist White supremacist propaganda. Hence people whose roles were minor compared to the great Americans, and figures of Western Civilization are exalted above them. George who?

Environmentalism is an extremely potent weapon of the Terror. Who cannot be for a better world? Save the whales, the snails, the slugs, etc. But you had better not say we should save babies from the abortion holocaust. They never use the word “conservation” because that limits the scope of their cause. Environmentalism is a doorway by which the pagan worship of the earth is used to attack Christian beliefs. Paganism, such as the sick belief that we are on a living entity the earth, and it should be treated as a deity, with women as it’s priestesses, is used by the treehuggers to stifle any questioning of the limits of our ability to expand our industrial and technological society. The bizarre cult of the earth goddess is an example. Of course the fact that pagans sacrificed human lives to mountains, the sun, the earth, etc, is never considered wrong, only another way to find “spiritual enlightenment”. Get it right Judeo Christian teachings are an “oppressive patriarchal system”. Sacrificing humans to ensure crop growth is not barbaric, after all who are we to judge?

Moral relativism teaches that there is no right or wrong, only a different viewpoint. Of course except when it comes to racism, homophobia, sexism, et al, ad nauseum. This is really the most dangerous, because it sets values while claiming not to have any. We bombed Vietnam, so the terrorists who committed a hate crime against America are not any worse. A black criminal who murders a white isn’t a racist, because after all look at the history of racism in this country. Our culture isn’t greater than that of any other. Since there is no moral grounding, how can you really argue passionately? The stifling of freedom of speech by various tactics has created not an atmosphere of apathy, but one of fear. In the old USSR people were terrorized into silence. The country stagnated because only certain topics were allowed to be used to voice protest. Those were against the West. The internal debate was not allowed by the citizens. If you dared to speak out you were either sent to a death camp, or a psychiatric hospital. It wasn’t the system that was sick, it was you. Since most students want to graduate, and get on with their lives, why should they endanger their education? The place where debate and questioning the world, has become in effect nothing more than a “re education camp”. Everything you believe is wrong, and the elites are right. Speech codes, etc, are used to stifle that which are thought to be the foundation of an education, questioning, and passionate debate. The revolution eats it’s own, and our children are the main course!

Thank you!

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