PROOF Michael Savage Ripped Off Frank from Queens!

Back in 1990, The Great FRANK FROM QUEENS, in seperate phone calls to both WABC hosts Lynn Samuels and Barry Farber, said “Liberalism is a Mental DISEASE”. Frank used this in different variations as his own catchphrase on the air throughout the 1990’s, including “Liberalism is a Mental DISORDER”, which is captured here in a phone call to Barry Farber and Alan Colmes in 1995!

Several years later, Frank’s diagnosis becomes the ‘perfect title’ to Michael Savage’s book, “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER”!

Of course, Savage was in New York City during the early nineties and listening to talk radio!

Savage has ripped off Frank many times – Frank was first to talk about Kennewick Man, Hannibal crossing the Alps, the Roman Empire, and many more! There have been too many coincidences over the years.

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PROOF: 1995


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