Jacob Zuma: Get Me My Machine Gun

Number One with a bullet on the South African charts is Communist-ANC leader Jacob Zuma, who sings “Umshini-wam (Get Me My Machine Gun)”! NOT back by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the lyrics translate into:

Bring me my machine gun
do not hold me back
Bring me my machine gun
or I will blow my stack.
Bring me my machine gun
Oh. Thank you.
It’s about bloody time.
Now I have my machine gun
I am going to need some bullets.

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  • At least he took a shower!

  • World cup 2010 song ‘Get me the F*ck outa here’

    You can almost see Zimbabwe happening all over again.

    Mind you the Boers dont mind now they have all left for the ‘New’ counties.

    New York, New Zealand, New South Wales

    SA will be an unskilled mess come 2012 and only the stupid would move there to work, or those who dont mind getting shot by the od machine gun…

  • This country needs a white woman in power. But it will never happen. Helen Zille is wasiting her intelligence, and her life on this country. The uneducated black people of this country call the shots. They want to the ANC in power. They dont care who is the leader, they dont care that he is a criminal. Whatever it takes to show the white man up, whatever it takes to get us back. They are too stupid and arrogant- they cant even see that Helen Zille has the best interests of everybody in mind. She was an activist against apartheid. But none of this matters, why? Because Helen Zille is white, and the black South Africans are the most racist of us all. Little do they know, it will come back to bite them, and in the next election when this country is in tatters, they will realise they need the whites. They needs us to build up the country, but it will be too late.

  • By no means is promoting violence the right way to fight institutionalized racism, nor do I support electing a President who's past is tainted by so many horrendous crimes.

    Nonetheless, Jane, your statement spoke to why South Africa is in such turmoil. Referring to black people as a whole as uneducated and accusing black South Africans as being "the most racist" demonstrates that you yourself are unbelievably racist and therefore ignorant. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with one's ability to run a country. White people have been the political leaders in South Africa for as long as we can all remember, yet currently 23% of South Africa is unemployed and 18,000 murders took place within the country.

    Political leadership has absolutely NOTHING to do with your skin color or background. You need to open your eyes, Jane, and understand that your outlook is going to making it so that South Africa forever remains in ruins.

  • Monbassa Iekm Ofula

    Its a shame that I'm reading writing of so called Black brothers in Diaspora disrespecting the movement of change. However I do expect white folk to feel that way, and to them I will say 15% of the worlds population and shrinking your time has truly come to an end you sick biological rejects.

  • i am a South African. i want what is best for this country. in any other circumstance i would be backing our new president and giving him a chance to prove himself however through his actions he has betrayed the trust of many fellow South Africans therefore cast a shadow of doubt over his ability to rule this country successfully. not only is this the opinion of many other South Africans but of most of the world! we rely heavily on foreign investment to compete in todays global market and with the view that the market has of Jacob Zuma i am doubtful that we will be able to perform to our full potential. i am also a strong christian and believe that there is still much hope for this country. God showed that he has a good sense of humour in this past election by not granting the ANC there 2/3 majority by a fraction of a percent. we as south africans need to change our negative attitudes and stop passing the blame. we can get upset and blame whoever we want but in the end nothing will come of it! instead lets decide to make a change, work together as a nation and when it gets tough (which i assure you it will) take the cahallenge from God and come out of the situation a stronger and more powerfull nation!

  • Natasha sees the world in black and white. What she does not say is that presently South Africa is NOT improving under black majority rule. 23 % unemployed? try more like 43% unemployed since the black government took over. Crime? escalated by 40%. More people are dying in South Africa today than were murdered in 15 years of the apartheid era. Just because you want to not see the truth makes everyone a racist- tell me one black country that has improved since blacks took over- and don’t blame it on apartheid. But I guess telling the truth makes me a racist.
    For Monbassa all I have to say is point a finger and you will see 100 pointing back at you.
    I bet you call all white men racist- you should look in the mirror buddy- you are a racist!

  • sick biological rejects?
    Check rugby world cup winners…

  • SAD! Sorry I left but this is why! I chose to live in a civilized country where people respect each other and don’t go around robbing, raping and shooting innocent people indiscriminately, with their President as their lead example. Being of English descent, I never really felt I belonged under the semi-nazi, apartheid Dutch Government, nor the Corruption and Crime Ridden ANC Government. I am happy for you if you love Africa enough to stay and make a change – I just wish I could get the rest of my family out there and just leave Africa to those who belong there and love it there. Bye Bye!

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  • A president should not be singing this type of song. Imagine Obama singing this, he will be ousted immediately.

  • Well who we are to judge what a country likes or dislikes. A lot of Americans likes Trump and that is weird.

  • Gicharu simon njau

    am most thrilled by the opinions of visionaries above keep hope alive Long live Brotherhood of men

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