Kommunism is Apartheid!

Kommunism is Apartheid! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Yet if we examine the similarities between the two, we have to come to that conclusion. Aprtheid was the system of racial separation practiced under the old Afrikaaner government in South Africa. It was vilified worldwide and South Africa suffered under economic sanctions imposed by the West and the U.N. It caused the government of that country to relent and surrender itself to a KKKommunist terrorist organization. The gloating that was and is experincing continues. A great friend of the West was defeated, and the promise of a “New South Africa” has only emerged in the minds of the delusional who want to believe that it was a success.

But if we examine rationally, reasonably and empirically, we see that since its inception, KKKommunism is a true Apartheid! How so, you may ask, and even scoff? Looking at the practices under Apartheid, and the similarties under KKKommunism, we realize that KKKommunism is much worse in discrimination! In fact, the people in KKKastro’s Cuba call his system of KKKommunism, “Apartheid”! Why so? Because under the brutal dictator’s regime, Cuban citizens are truly second class, forbidden to use shops catering to tourists and can recieve long jail terms in one KKKastro’s hell holes for doing so. Those shops only accept foreign currency, not KKKastro’s worthless scrip. Imagine, a citizen in his own country, where he “works” for the dictator, not being allowed to spend the “KKKastro bucks” that he is paid in! Apartheid based on class, you bet it is!

In KKKastro’s Cuba, there are no blacks on prominent leadership roles in his “government”. Hmm, sounds like racial discrimination to me, or like “Apartheid”! His vaunted “universal medical coverage”? Cubans have to wait to recieve it, if they even do, because foreigners are given priority because they pay in hard foreign currency. Where is the “equality” that this murderer and his propaganda hyenas in the West espouse? And if it is so good, why did the brutal dictator have a doctor from SPAIN operate on him? Aren’t the Cuban doctors good enough for him? Sounds like Apartheid to me!

Or how about his “economic system”? He owns everything, and the citizens own nothing! He owns the ENTIRE ISLAND! His cronies get what crumbs he and his brother dish out. Apartheid? You bet it is! In South Africa, they had the LARGEST BLACK MIDDLE CLASS ON THE ENTIRE CONTINENT! Aprtheid was fairer to blacks in South Afrika, than to Cubans in the “worker’s paradise” of KKKastro!

Let’s look at the defunct East Germany. Under the KKKommunists, German citizens had to live in decrepit hovels. On the other hand, the government officals has mansions in the country to “vacation” in. The citizens were not allowed to see them or use them.

What? Discrimination against their own citizens? Sounds like Apartheid to me!  I apologize for comparing the two systems. KKKommunism is corruption at an unbelievable level compared to Apartheid. It was so bad in East Germany that people would line up for HOURS to get oranges in mid winter. Wow! What a great system. There were never shortages in South Africa. Where is the “equitable distribution of wealth” that we are told exists under KKKommunism?

And how about in the former USSR? More Bantus owned cars under Apartheid than citizens did under KKKommunism! But of course the government nomenclatura owned cars. “Citizens walk, we ride in our limos”! Sounds like a form of Apartheid to me! Starvation in South Afrika? Never heard of it, nor were there any famines. Tens of millions starved to death under the Bolsheviki in Ukraine, but not in South Afrika! Death camps under Stalin and his heirs, but where were the death camps under the government of South Afrika?

KKKommunists always claim that they have “redistributed the wealth”. Really? Look at the dispartiy in Kommunist countries compared to Free Market nations. N.Korea is definitely a shining example of fair distribution of wealth, isn’t it? Three million N.Koreans starved to death, whilst the brutal maniac that runs the criminal entrerprise known as N.Korea, lives like an emperor. Except no emperor ever did! Whilst his people starve, he eats and lives with no bounds. Did that EVER happen under Aparthied? Just how much more did Die BoereVolk have than the Bantus, as compared to how much the N.Koreans have compared to “The Dear Leader”, Kim Il Sung? Can’t even come close! In fact the Party members in Kommunist countries always had what the proles NEVER had: namely, Western goods, cars, and their own houses!

We’ve seen death on a mega scale, unheard of in South Africa! Ethiopia, three MILLION, starved to death. In North.Korea, three Million starved to death. In Russia and Ukrane, TENS OF MILLIONS starved to death. 700-80 MILLION starved to death in Red China. How many starved to death under Apartheid? NONE! Yet we’ve been told that Apartheid is the worst criminal conspiracy in history! Conviently forgetting of course what Bolshevism has done wherever it’s malignancy takes over. A nation that was maybe ten years away from an equitable form of security for Die BoereKultuur, has been aborted. Instead we get Kommunistse in the government, and we’re told that it is a “democracy”?

But where is the international outrage? Of course the U.N. won’t say or do a thing, because these are nations there that practice “KKKommunist Aprtheid”! And since it is filled with tinpot dictators and murders like KKKastro, they are silent and agree with his policies.

Looking at the unequal distribution of wealth, the genocide and repression under KKKommunism, how can anyone in his right mind agree to this? Let me end with this quote from a Ukrainina who migrated to Suid Afrika during the early 1980s, “what you have here is child’s play compared to Kommunism!”

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