An Open Letter To Mbeke

The following text, written by Frank from Queens, was read aloud during the Boerevolk Protest Parade of November 18, 2006. A copy of the text was submitted to South African President Thabo Mbeke’s office. An audio reading by Frank from Queens is available for download here.

To Thebo MBeki and The A.N.C.:

The world is watching and listening to what is happening to Die BoereVolk in Suid Afrika!

Because the world is now connected to the Internet, people of ALL NATIONS know about their dire situation. Your government has conducted a program of low level ethnic cleansing. Die BoereVolk have had their language taken from them. It is not being taught in Universities throughout Suid Afrika. How can you rationalize this horrendous situation to deny these people the right to teach their language in University? Language is the string that wholes a people together.

Without it, they are not a Volk, but a rabble!

Die BoereVolk have a unique Kultuur, Taal, and History! Yet we see their history being wiped clean in the Nuuw Suid Afrika! The name of changes of cities such as Pretoria to “Tswane” is but one of them. Is it meant to provoke them? To humiliate them? To belittle them? This is their ancestral capitol, their Jerusalem. To change Jan Smuts Airport to “R.Tambo” airport is say that a great Boere General, who fought for his Volk during the Anglo Boere War is to consigned to the dustbin of history?

To do what communist governments always do, erase someone from history because it doesn’t fit their leftist agenda? Is that your agenda, and your party’s agenda, to create a nation where it is as if Die BoereVolk never existed?

The World is Watching and Listening!

The continual MURDER of Boeres on their Plaas is a crime against humanity! It is genocide, they type that happens in communist nations. First the farmers go, because they are independent minded. Why is this continuing to happen after “peace” was supposedly achieved in Suid Afrika? Why have these atrocities not been reported to the nation, why has there been massive government response to protect these Boeres?

How Much Longer Can This Go On, and BE ALLOWED TO GO ON?


Boeres are having their land taken from them by your government. Remember sir, “The Land Belongs To Those Who Work The Land!” Ownership of land, private property is a basic right of Western Democracy! Government acquisition of legally held land is a communist State’s reaction to private property! Is the “Nuuw Suid Afrika a democracy, or just another Afrikaan shaam government? Because of the unique language, history, kultuur and customs, Die BoereVolk MUST be recognized as an independent VOLK! Their right to a BoereVolkStaat is written in the League of Nations Charter: Self Determination for peoples! How can you be so hypocritical as to support the Palestinians desire for self determination, but not Die BoereVolk?


God Seen Die BoereVolk!!

Frank Van Queens, John Van Staten Island, Regter Ronald, Newsguy Van Ysland.

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