Adventures in Fantasy Land

From the beginning of “Black History Month”, we are told that all civilization comes from Africa. In fact, it really is an exercise in fantasy and myth-making that is being fostered upon the school system, and all Americans.

Since this is “Black Mythology Month (BMM)”, I will continue to critique this fraud. It is one thing to take pride in one’s ethnic or racial achievements, except of course if you are White. Then it is called racism. To wit, one of the worst frauds is about who discovered America.

Now this may seem more suited to the month of October, but now it extends to BMM. We are being told that “thousands of years before Columbus, Africans came to the Americas”.

Let’s analyze this absurd statement.

We know that Columbus discovered the New World, because we have the hard evidence to back it up. We know he discovered it because we are here. We know that he discovered it, because it was unknown to the rest of the world. It was unknown in Africa, Asia, and Europe. We know he discovered it, because of the log of his voyage, and the proof he brought back. We in essence can name him, and the details of his voyage which can be proven. Even if he was wrong in where he thought he was, that is even more proof that he was here. Why? Because no one else said, “no this isn’t India, it’s the New World”. There was no one in Africa who said, “you’re in the wrong place, and we can prove it”.

We believe the Vikings were here, and we have the places that they landed. Leif Ericson’s voyage to Vinland is believed to be in New Foundland, Canada. He is believed to have landed at L’Anse Aux Meadows.

We know Vikings were there because there is hard evidence of their habitation. Viking artifacts were found in the ruins of L’Anse Aux Meadows. The Sagas tell a tale that can be dissected, and parts can be proven. We have the names of others that were Vikings and have voyaged to North America. They were Thorfinn Karsefni, Leif Erricson, and his brother Thorvald, among others. If someone explores a new land, they leave behind evidence that they were there. Various artifacts, whether housing, garbage, or even small items such as a coin, or a button, are proof. These things get lost, or thrown away.Yet when it comes to the fairy tale of “Africans” being in the New World thousands of years before Columbus, we are dealing with fantasy.

There is no proof whatsoever that Africans made a number of voyages to the New World with the specific idea of trade, or to set up a colony.

This fictive is backed up by the most specious argument.

It is not to say that African fishermen may have accidentally been blown across the short area of the Atlantic Ocean to South America. That well may be, but there is no proof, and in fact they would have had no impact upon the native population that encountered them.

There has not been one artifact from Africa ever found in the New World. Those who claim there was, never give the strata that the so-called evidence was found in. That is extremely important, because it could have easily been planted, to prove that they were here, or, came much later, and sunk into the ground. It must be coherent with the other artifacts found in the excavation.

The late Dr.Viktor Von Hagen, in his landmark book, “Realm of the Inka”, states that out of over three hundred industrial plants found in the New World, only cotton is found in both Old and New. Cotton could have come by way of India, and carried as seed in the stomachs of birds. The bird droppings led to the growth of the plant. Likewise, it may have come from Egypt and the Mideast the same way. It wasn’t brought here by traders. If black Africans were coming here to trade for thousands of years, then what was supposedly brought back to Africa by them? The answer is simple: nothing!

Doesn’t it stand to reason that New World plants would have been brought back as the result of barter? No potatoes, which came to Afrika after the voyages of Columbus. No maize, no tomatoes, or any other crop. These came after Columbus brought back his proof, and other voyages followed, from other countries.

But why this continued mythology that is being perpetrated in our schools, and in fact in every medium?

The answer is, this is being done to deconstruct the great European voyages of discovery, and make a claim that seems to the ignorant and uniformed to be authentic. The greatest proofs that there was no Africans before Columbus, or for that matter, the Vikings, is that we don’t know their names. No records of voyages, and the most important of all, no disease. The quote that the discovery of America ended the Renaissance is, “the Spaniards got gold and syphilis, the Indians, Catholicism and slavery”. Of course slavery and human sacrifice existed before the Europeans came. But the key here is, if there were in fact

Africans here before Columbus, then why were there no common diseases?

After all, we are told they were here for thousands of years, so how come when the Europeans came here, followed by Africans, the Indians weren’t immune to the disease that they carried? The answer, because there was no interaction between the two. Disease, like vermin and arasites are carried by humans, and exchanged during contact. There was no contact before the great European voyages of discovery. The Siberio-Americans were isolated completely from the rest of the world, because the civilizations of the Old World didn’t know they existed.

Ignorance of the facts can lead to nonsense being believed as fact. The Siberio-Americans had no draft animals. It is believed that this caused the wheel not to be invented in the Americas. The fact is, if Afrikaans were coming here for thousands of years, then why didn’t they bring draft animals with them? The horse came with the Spaniards, and it’s escape was a boon to the Siberio Americans who learned to ride it. What, why yes, we have no bananas!

The sweet potato is native to the New, not the Old World. A benefit of the European voyages was its introduction to the diet of Africans. But, hey, what about those Olmec sculptures that look Negroid in their features? Fact: if you go to Ankor Wat Cambodia, you will see the same features on Asian stone heads. The giant basalt head sculptures have flat noses, and thick lips. Does that mean that Afrikaans was there too?

No, in fact we could say, using the same logic, that Asians were here first and influenced the people of Mexico and Meso-America. Those features are in fact representations of Jaguars applied to a human face.

Like were wolves, these are, were-jaguars. Ignorance is not bliss, so it seems in these cases.

But what about the Pyramids in the Old World? Sorry, they were built two thousand years after the Egyptian ones were built, and they have an entirely different use. The were not tombs, but temples, and had steps, not smooth casing. They were built as temples, and the platform atop them was to carry out human sacrifices. The pre-Columbian peoples practiced human sacrifice, such as the Olmecs, Toltecs, Incas, Aztec, and now we are discovering that the Moche who also built pyramids in the coastal areas of South America practiced human sacrifice also. Is this what was brought the New World from Africa? And, who said the Egyptians were black anyway? The same ones who said that the Africans came here thousands of years before Columbus. So take it for what it is worth.

Let’s be reasonable about this, if Africans landed here, why would they have had any effect on the natives? Those who were blown off shore from European voyages were killed by the natives. They were extremely violent people. How would they communicate these grandiose ideas to them? Where is the genetic proof of inter-marriage and breeding? These crackpot ideas are based on those who hear them not being educated in the field.

It is like the use of the word Kemet. It is what Egyptians called their country. It means “black land”. Aha! Say the Afro-loonies, proof that they were black. Final answer? Sorry, it not because of the colour of the inhabitants, but because of the rich black soil of the Nile Delta, that brought life to Egypt. The rhythms of the Nile were by which all life revolved around.

In the wild and way out world of Afro Lunacy, fact is fiction, fiction is fact, and you can always make it up as you go along. These crazy ideas are taught as fact, and therefore rob us of real history, which is much more exciting than any fiction that can be made up. It is in reality an attempt to graft on fiction as fact to be part of the great legacy of European history and civilization. It stems from jealousy and envy. It is to denigrate our heritage, and to say,” these men weren’t great, they were second raters”. The worst offense is that this garbage, which is really based on, hate of our heritage is allowed to taught, and hate is what it is, in institutions that claim the legacy of reason and rationality. As we continue to explore Afro-lunacy, it surely is, an adventure in fantasyland!

Thank you!


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