Once You Have an Epithet, Why Think?

Originally published 4.27.2007

Daniel Johnson, writing in this past Thursday’s edition of the NY Sun, discussed the growing threat of fanatical Muhammadanism in Great Britain. What comes out in the article is that there are Caribbean immigrants who are converting to fanatical Muhammadanism out of a hatred for their new home. But the thing that really struck me is how insane it is in Great Britain. This is clearly a country intended on suicide. The individual Mr. Johnson writes about left Jamaica, got British citizenship, made some sort of vow to destroy Britain, then went to Mohammedan countries and married women there, bringing them back to the U.K. and getting them citizenship.

Given current demographic and birth-rate trends in Great Britain, for the British government to do this, basically means that the country is suicidal. It is a country so bent on suicide that, even though bigamy is illegal in theory there, the Department of Work and Pensions has actually encouraged polygamist Mohammedans to collect and claim additional welfare benefits for their wives. For example, the law says there that if you were legally married to more than one partner in a country that allows this, then your relationship is called a “polygamous marriage”. So what they’re doing is saying, “if you were a polygamist in another country, we will bend our laws to accommodate you, because we do not want to offend you”. The law of a foreign land supersedes that of Great Britain, simply because the government has a policy of not wanting to offend anyone.

There was also a very interesting article in the NY Times this week that covered the “New” South Africa’s race to build an Olympic stadium in time for the 2010 World Soccer Cup. The article gave some interesting statistics for the quality of life in South Africa, conveniently buried towards the end of it. According to the New York Times, South Africa suffers a daily average of 50 murders a day, 700 grievous assaults and 356 aggravated robberies. Plus, South Africa is the Aids capital of the World. So what is the “New” South African government going to say to tourists to bring them to the World Cup games? “Come to South Africa: You can either get maimed, murdered or robbed, and if you survive that, you can catch the Aids and bring a little bit of South Africa home with you.” And that is, the “New” South Africa. That is what the Left has done to South Africa.

These two examples not only underscore the silence of the Left regarding the damage it has done to Western countries through Political Correctness, but its hypocrisy as well. A loosely-knit amalgamation who, because of the weakness and stupidity of the American people, are allowed to dictate foreign policy and destroy nation after nation, especially nations that were once the closest allies of the United States. How can you live in a society of this?

Now let’s look at Che Guevara. In his new book, Humberto Fontova exposes the real Che as a mass murderer, a cold-blooded serial killer, and a de facto terrorist. Despite this, the media celebrates him! Che’s image adorns everything from school notebooks to ski caps. The Museum of Modern Art in New York glorified this murderer with a Che Guevara art exhibit.

Today, there is a monster down in Cuba who hasn’t held a free election in more than 50 years. Yet we glorify the Castro regime because “everyone has free healthcare”. That is the sinister sickness prevailing the Ministry of Lies, aka the MainStream Media, and yet, the public listens to this crap, and then says nothing in response and allows it to be.

And let us make it perfectly clear: Castro is a war criminal who has committed crimes against humanity. And notice, when you bring up his crimes against humanity, they dismiss it and say, “everyone has free health care,” and bring up statistics of “infant mortality” and “old age”. What the Left does is very shifty, because they know if they hit you with “factoids,” you will just get overwhelmed and refuse to argue their points. No one ever questions where these statistics on “infant mortality” and “old age” come from. And why should anyone believe statistics that come from a communist dictator who is a mass murderer, a criminal and an international outlaw?

Notice they were going to kill Milosevic, yet we have to “work” with Castro. Milosevic was fighting a holding action against fundamental Islam’s invasion of the West. Little Serbia was single handily fighting against the overwhelming tide of Fanatical Muhammadanism. And the leaders in the West wanted to kill Milosevic. Yet when it comes to Castro, who killed hundreds, who used poison gas in villages in Angola, you don’t hear a word about it, do you? So when they they try to overwhelm you with facts, do not get overwhelmed by them. Instead demand to be shown the facts and question their sources, and then demand to question why you should accept facts that come from a lying dictatorship!

TrotskyThere are people in the media who will attack the President. They will call him a liar, they will say that he lied about Iraq, yet when it comes to Castro, who has not held an open election in more than a half century, who has committed mass murder, who is a fiend, they never say that. How can you believe a man who does not allow freedom of speech in his own country? A man who jails and executes political opponents and bans political opposition, how do you believe that man? How do you believe anything that comes out of that country? Why?  Because the Left uses a device that I have traced back in my studies to Lev Davidovich Bronstein, aka Leon Trotsky. It was ol’ Lev who said, “once you have an epithet, why think?”.

Now, consider that.

Once you have an epithet, why think.

In other words, what was Bronstein/Trotsky saying? What he was saying was this: once you are able to effectively label your political opponents with a phrase or a title that demeans them, the public will no longer consider all the relevant arguments of the debate. Today, we would use the term slogan, or “bumper sticker mentality”. All you have to do is repeat that slogan or epithet to win your argument. How many times have we heard the phrase “Bumper Sticker Mentality”? This is a creation of the Left. You have the phrase, the phrase is repeated over and over, and it becomes too hard to think so they just go along with the phrase. It hurts people’s brains so instead they just revert to the slogan. And that’s where it started, with the Bolsheviki. A variation on this is that “it’s easier to believe a big lie than a little lie”.

AND that’s what they’ve done to this filthy cigar-chewing maggot down in Havana. They just keep repeating the same things: “Everyone’s got free health care”, “as long as they live to 77 years of age”, and “they have a lower infant mortality”. As long as they keep repeating that about Castro, they never have to question Communist-run Cuban society.

Now, if people ever did question instead of accepting the slogan, “everyone has free healthcare,” they would have to ask, why is it that no one rushes to Cuba for Castro’s “marvellous” healthcare when they are having a dire illness? Or why the murderer Castro need to get doctors from Spain when he was ill? Not even Castro himself will depend on Cuban doctors when HE is sick!

Once you have an epithet, why think. Now remember that phrase of Trotsky. Write it down. It explains why the West is falling upon its sword against fundamental Mohammaedism, why we turn a blind eye to what is really happening in South Africa, and why criminal thugs like Castro and Che Guevara are honored.

I once met of those Left-wing low lives trying to sell their newspapers on a street corner. When I asked him if he was a Communist, he stammered and replied, “No, I’m a Trotskyite”. I said, “Oh yeah, how come your god (and remember to use that phrase when talking to these Leftists, always refer to Lenin or Trotsky or Che Guevara or Mao Tse Tung as their “god”) what about the Kronstadt rebellion, hmmm?” So what does he do? He accuses me of being an agent of the US government! He did that because he couldn’t believe that someone actually knew their history and the lies perpetuated by the Left. The Left does not like to talk about the Kronstadt rebellion, where Trotsky ordered the murder of five thousand sailors and workers in Kronstadt, a naval fortress on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. When the Soviet Navy rebelled, the workers joined in and were killed as well. Can you imagine, workers being murdered in the Worker’s Paradise? I thought everybody owned the government over there. But, if you remember, “once you have an epithet why think,” then you realise why people never question.


  • What about the CIA.Why dont you speak about there actions all over the world.what about all the lies Bush said just to invade Iraq for its vast oil supply

  • You need to get ur facts straight about CHE!!! He is not a murderer.What about Bautista?? This is pure propaganda>Who ever runs this website is a racist bitch!!

  • Che Gueveara helped save hundreds, to call him a murderer is disgusting. Yes, he may have killed people to help thousands, but you might as well call Winston Churchill a murderer, did he not kill thousands to protect his country? Anyone who dies for what they believe in can't be regarded as shams but as heroes, not necessarily because their opinions are justified but because they died to try and give other a better life…

  • Refering to Che and Castro as murderers?

    your oppinion is absolutely ridiculous..

    as a medic in the castro regime he not only attempted to save their own soldiers..

    but wounded batista soldiers as well..

    fuck your bullshit site..

    the right wing is racist to begin..

    conservatism is a joke..

    im 16 years old and i know this. che and castro and the May 1st rebellion did what was necessary to rid their island of a U.S backed dictator,

    a mere puppet of imperialism!!

    he sold out his country and his people for the backing of a country run by the rich..

    fuck your racist propaganda!!!

    Viva La Revolucion!!

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre..

  • i am sickened by your false accusations about che, he was an idealist not a murderer, why dont you get facts from both sides not just the capalistic american view of him.

  • Ask the cuban people who escaped from Cuba and hear the truth. fools
    you all take freedom for granted.

  • Only a wanker would write crap like this. Before you look at Castro look at the mess that the US policies has left behind, the fools in the CIA and how great US society is to live in. I am a conservative but even I cant agree with the kack eyed comments noted here.

  • To all you blogger, understand that only in a country like the USA can you have articles that can state Right & Left opinions available to the general public. Only in a country like the USA can you blog your opinions, as uneducated as they may be. I feel sorry for our younger generation that they will never experience the USA of my youth, for only then can they understand the atrocities of the Cuban Revolution and the men that you now worship. It saddens me that our world is destined to repeat those horrible crimes because we have not kept the history and truth of those times alive for our children and grandchildren.

    We are not a perfect country, and yes, there are corruptions in our politics as a nation, but we are still FREE. Look hard at who your are defending and decide if you would be happier living under their rule. If so, then you are FREE to leave the great USA and live there.

  • I live in South Africa and your totally one sided little blurb is as ill-informed as it is extremist. Firstly South Africa is about the furthest thing from a leftist state this side of the Saharah. Secondly the country was in a way worse state before the left. The undertone here of course is that you support the old South Africa – the Apartheid one. Well at least that puts you in a very bigoted 2% of the world's population. Do you guys even understand what neo-liberal economic policy framework means? The word liberal in this economic context means libertarian by the way – as in "laissez-faire" (that's a language called "French" in case you thought that it only applied to deep fat fried potato snacks). This approach to economics was to the "right" last time I checked. In some instances our tax rates are lower than yours by the way. Why do we have so much crime and such a bad lack of education? Because of massive inequality (the second-highest GINI coefficient on the planet (that's the big spinning ball that includes America along with the other 194 countries – some of them quite fun and a little left at the same time – who would of thought?). Anyway, I digress: inequality here is the problem, a problem that the left is more interested in solving than the right. And despite all this you may be surprised to find a lot of very content people here in SA – for some of us the standard of living is one of the highest in the world. Why? Because we take advantage of the inequality situation using our "freedom". Sad but true. Hey, at least your approach to things looks good in a text book though. Maybe get off the sofa and travel a little, then we can share our opinions based on real world experience. Thank god you guys are in the minority over there. Well done to the rest of you guys for proving that you can elect a decent president and start over. We did that with Nelson Mandela and it changed all of our lives. Maybe the guys on this site should make a Nelson Mandela with a scull for a face to stand next to your Che. Shame man, you guys crack me up.

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