Curtis Sliwa “Not Trusted To Tell The Truth”: Kuby

Former WABC personality Ron Kuby has told The NY Daily News that prosecutors of alleged mobster John Gotti, Jr did not trust his former morning talk show co-host, Curtis Sliwa, with telling the truth.

The comment came after speculation arose that the former WABC morning team, who lost their slot to Don Imus, would somehow be reunited now that Gotti, Jr has been arrested in Florida. Ron Kuby has been Gotti, Jr’s defense council and Sliwa has been a witness for the prosecution in previous legal cases involving the alleged mobster.

Kuby told entertainment writer David Hinkley that in previous trials, Sliwa was never called by the prosecution to testify because prosecutors “didn’t trust him to tell the truth”.

Kuby also belives he will not be called on by Gott, Jr. to defend him in this new case.


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