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Russia Launches South-Africa’s First Spy Satellite

Illustration of the Kondor-E satellite in orbit

Illustration of the Kondor-E satellite in orbit

Russia on Friday successfully launched South Africa’s first spy satellite into orbit for a murky defense project titled ‘Project Flute.’

“The 115-ton Strela launcher — a modified Soviet-era SS-19 ballistic missile — blasted out of an underground launch tube at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 0443 GMT Friday (11:43 p.m. EST),” reports Spaceflight Now.


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snickerdoodles-barsGet ’em while you can. These are terrific as round individual cookies (which the recipe is NOT for) and as COOKIE BARS (which the recipe IS for). I like one big Pyrex bakeware, rather than rolling individual cookies and trying to get them to be ALL the same size and shape. Never works for me. One big Pyrex, 13″ X 10″, which has been greased with Crisco, or oiled, or lined with non-stick, or a parchment paper works for me.


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Did Japan Hack Sony Over Unbroken Movie?

The real target behind the Sony hacking may be to derail Unbroken.

The real target behind the Sony hacking may be to derail Unbroken.

Japanese nationalists infuriated at the movie Unbroken may be behind a massive hack of Sony’s computer system, according to a new theory.

The official theory about who’s behind the Sony hacking blames North Koreans, who are angered about a soon-to-be-released Seth Rogen movie that shows their leader Kim Jong Un being assassinated.


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False Flag Nuke Attack in 2015: Hacker

Guccifer, aka Marcel-Lehel Laza

Guccifer, aka Marcel-Lehel Laza

A false-flag nuclear attack on either Chicago or an unnamed city in Pennsylvania is planned for 2015, according to a hacker infamous for exposing the secrets of the world elite.

The revelation came out during an interview the New York Times did with Guccifer (GUCCI-fer), who is currently serving a seven-year sentence in a Romanian prison for hacking the email of Corina Cretu, a 47-year-old Romanian politician. Guccifer, whose real name is Marcel-Lehel Lazar, released bikini-clad pictures and a flirtatious note Cretu sent to former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.


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The South Will Rise Again

midterm-elections-runoff-louisiana-senateThis is not just another run-off election in Louisiana. This is not just another seat in the Senate. This is not just another mid-term election cycle.

This is the most important race of the General Election of 2014.

Once it’s established that the Republicans are the Majority party in the Senate Continued…

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